Real Treatment with Real Kids: Treatment for Sexually Abused Children

Based on the “evidence based practice” of Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this presentation provides active, creative, and relationship-based intervention ideas for working with sexually abused children. Tamara offers real ideas for how to engage children in therapy and discusses the hidden beliefs and misperceptions, which can follow a child into adulthood and limit their healing.

Topics include how to engage parents and help them to be support agents for their children, while also creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance in the child-therapist relationship. The use of a creative orientation towards Trauma Focused-CBT theory, sets this presentation apart from others and engages the therapist and clients in immediate cognitive reframing. The use of case examples, active and usable techniques, and a focus on the “clinician as change agent”, through attitude, humor, and creativity in treatment, will be highly emphasized. Resiliency skills and practical safety/prevention ideas are highlighted.

3 Learning Objectives:

1) The participant will be able to identify 3 techniques to use in helping a child begin to discuss and work through their sexual abuse history.

2) The participant will be able to identify 3 “thought-errors”, which if not exposed, can negatively affect recovery. 3) The participant will be able to identify ways in which they can help parents be proactive in supporting their children while also creating a safer “normalcy” in the family.